Stephen Satterfield


Name: Stephen Satterfield
Object: A Well-Worn Notebook
Changemaking at: Whetstone Magazine

Portrait by:  Brenton Gieser

Portrait by: Brenton Gieser

Audio Transcript: I think my work is a lot about building empathy. Because I try to connect people and ideas through food. I make media about food, not just because I love food, but because it’s a universal language that we don’t otherwise have access to. There are no other universal languages except for food.

I’m Stephen Satterfield. I am a food writer, a publisher, and multimedia producer.

I brought a notebook that is well worn, and has travelled with me for many years and many different countries, many different periods of my life and I think that there’s no better therapy than writing. Writing forces you to consolidate everything that you’re thinking. And thinking can sometimes be a dangerous impediment to healing. And writing helps you think more clearly.

It forces you to be still and to pay attention and engage. And usually within that stillness people find resolution just in the act of slowing down and thinking more critically. So, for self care and for personal development and awareness particularly for difficult situations, I think writing is always the best medicine.