We’re looking for six incredible humans to facilitate our 2020 monthly gatherings.


It’s been an honor to be the main RFRS facilitator working with food changemakers in the Bay Area to tell their stories over the years. I sit with each one of them, listening as my main offering. I ask questions, and make space for whatever arises. It is not always easy, but it is always deeply human, and I’m always humbled by their willingness to take a leap of faith and share a story that is honest and authentic.

The journey we go on can be cathartic, enlivening, connecting and bring forth new insight into ourselves. And I get to support them every step of the way.

I can not overstate what a privilege it is to be alongside this level of vulnerability that we rarely get in our day to day conversations and on social media. The world needs more of it.

And now, it is time to pass the baton. I can’t wait to share my experience, learn from you, and build a more empathetic and generous world together.



Be a part of the core of Real Food Real Stories’ work with the opportunity to get to know and facilitate the storytelling process of two food changemakers in the Bay Area.


  • (September 2019) Deadline for applications

  • (September 2019) Selection of facilitators

  • (October - December 2019) Advanced Training

  • (Jan - Dec 2020) Facilitate two RFRS storytellers for one of our free monthly gatherings


  • 6 hours advanced training (this includes shadowing Pei-Ru via video through the facilitation process of a 2019 storyteller and an additional group training with Pei-Ru)

  • 10 hours (5 hours/storyteller) for your selected gatherings to facilitate the storytelling process with each storyteller and hold space for the storyteller during the live gathering


  • Must complete the 2019 Facilitating Stories for Impact training

  • Must be passionate about regenerative and just food systems

  • Must be interested in connecting with and cultivating our local food community

  • Must be able to facilitate two gatherings in 2020


This opportunity does not require extensive public speaking. Our event producer will be guiding the listeners through the gathering. Your main responsibility is to facilitate the story development, hold physical space during the live gathering, and interface with the RFRS team as necessary. The facilitator is not involved in the selection of storytellers and must be willing to work with people of all backgrounds.

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