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Upcoming Gatherings

RFRS x Airbnb w/Mary Jane Evans & Karen Salinger of Veritable Vegetable

Airbnb HQ, SF - Monday, June 26th

Mary Jane Evans and Karen Salinger, co-owners of Veritable Vegetable, the nation's oldest distributor of organic produce, will be sharing their story with Real Food Real Stories at the Airbnb HQ. In an industry dominated by men, these women of Veritable Vegetable have spread organic produce grown by small farmers throughout the Western US for over 40 years. 

Join us for dinner and drinks sponsored by Airbnb and hear the co-owner's story about how they increased our country's access to organic produce by supporting organic farmers and contributing to an equitable food system.

RFRS Picnic x Navina Khanna of HEAL Food Alliance

Institute for the Future, Palo Alto - Tuesday, August 15th