A Listener's Story

Truth be told that I had my fair share of Happy Meals as a child; this was more of a money saving tactic on my parents' behalf vs. lack of knowledge about the healthiness of the food that they were feeding us. The tactic didn't last long and by the young age of 6 or 7 years old (or even earlier) my palate had developed immensely and my brother and I were right by their side eating sushi at the sushi boat restaurant. 

Food and (in most scenarios) the concept of healthy eating have always been a part of my extended family gatherings.  However, food sourcing and buying sustainable foods never really surfaced during dinnertime conversations.

A little over 6 months ago I learned about Real Food Real Stories; I transitioned from being an "eater" that was completely disconnected from the issues of our food system to a consumer that realizes the impact that my food purchasing decisions make. The forum that Real Food Real Stories provides is like no other; one where an intentionally selected meal is paired with a locally food hero. Live music coupled with a warm environment lends itself nicely to discussions around solutions and actions to take towards repairing our damaged food system. 

Through Real Food Real Stories' gatherings I have learned about a small local butcher shop (reminding me that meat should really be consumed as a luxury) and have become more aware of the inequality of worker's rights all along the food supply chain.  From these experiences, I now thirst for more knowledge and have been inspired to better inform close friends and family about their own food choices.  


-Christopher Wong