Community Letter: What We Stand For

Dear community member,

We were scheduled to send out a newsletter today reminding you to register for the upcoming RFRS Homecoming Celebration, sharing all the delicious food and amazing activities we’ve lined up with the generous sponsors. Yet, we are not able.

We are not able because the past few days calls for a time to step back and reconnect with our purpose and values, re-examine who we are serving, and re-envision a future we want to create. We have a long, hard road ahead, and only with honesty and clarity will we be able to create a regenerative, equitable and just shared future again.

Our work is not just about the food system. Through the common touch point of food, we are standing for deep listening, trust, community, inclusivity and safe spaces to show up as our whole, authentic selves.

In the midst of introspection, YOU, our community, are our beacons of hope. You have shown us that you believe that everyone’s story matters, and you believe in slowing down and listening to each others, taking time to connect with where our food comes from, and taking personal steps to support the good food movement with your dollars, your time and your heart. We will keep standing for space for listening, understanding and authenticity and bringing you the positive, inspiring stories from the Bay Area and beyond.

We are all eaters and everyone deserves to have their voice heard and be part of a just food system. You are integral; you are hope.


Pei-Ru Ko + RFRS Team