Stories that Keep on Giving

As Real Food Real Stories grows, we are excited to share the stories of our food movement far and wide in a variety of media. One form is video. 

Today we are launching RFRS Shorts, a short film series to get to share with you two of these story-filled, powerful videos! 

An exciting aspect of capturing these stories through video is the ability to bring stories to life again and again, long after a Real Food Real Stories Supperclub or Picnic has ended. We wish everyone could come to our gatherings to take part in the strong, family-like community and witness the honest, intimate stories, but we simply can't fit the whole world in our spaces. So the next best thing is creating videos of the powerful stories and sharing them with the world afterward. In this way, we hope to expand our room a little more and extend the warmth and inspiration of the gathering a little further. We think these videos are a great place to start. You can find all our videos under the watch tab of our website. 

Below you'll find two shorts from recent gatherings: The first is from our Picnic with Christopher Wang of Gypsy Fish Company

The second is from our Supperclub with Dinner Bell Farm's Molly Nakahara and Paul Glowaski.

We'll let the videos speak for themselves. We encourage you to share these stories with those who are shaping our local food movement, and also with your friends and family!