Real Food Real Stories: The Story (Part Two)

This is part two of the story behind Real Food Real Stories. You can read part one here.

Amanda: How does Real Food Real Stories help to tell the stories of the food community?

Peiru: I think the difference is, instead of us telling stories, we want to create an intimate place and a dedicated time that is appropriate to share stories, the kind of stories that are deeply personal and transformative. 

Everyone has a story, but it is rarely asked. Everyone has a story, and it needs to be heard. At RFRS, we focus on storytelling by changemakers in our food system. Who are these often stubborn and frequently tenacious idealists? Why do they dedicate their life in this challenging work? Instead of telling their stories, we want to cultivate a culture of authenticity and deep listening, where sharing from the heart is held and celebrated. 

Right now we are putting on a lot of gatherings, as the magic of storytelling is beyond sharing information and narratives. Storytelling, especially ones that come from the heart, offers a deep sense of connection. There’s nothing more special than the opportunity to share a meal with the storyteller and witness the vulnerable sharing. Also, only in person can you actually develop relationships. We also make sure to offering follow-up gatherings, so they connection that begin at a bigger gathering has the opportunity to foster and grow. 

Real Food Real Stories is about supporting the sustainable food system, but really it’s bigger than that: It’s about growing a place where people come first, and bringing relationships back to the foundation that our food system is built upon- a secure system that is about trust.