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Join us for intimate gatherings and shared meals with the Bay Area's most inspiring changemakers in food. By listening, you can provide a safe space for our storytellers to share their story and why they have dedicated their life to this important work.

RFRS Supperclub x Sylvia Charles of Spice Mama

An RFRS Supperclub is an intimate and immersive community gathering set in home environments over shared meals and around honest and authentic storytelling from changemakers in agriculture and food.

On November 9th, participate in an intimate conversation with Sylvia Charles, Founder of Spice Mama in San Francisco, which makes addictive chili sauces that combine a rich, Indian heritage with the beauty and freshness of clean California cooking. Our curated evening will take place in a high-rise home* with panoramic views of San Francisco, where we will hear Sylvia's fascinating journey from her mother and aunt's aromatic kitchen growing up, to her own creations that seek to combine authentic Indian flavors with an application outside of traditional curries.


"Our hearts are aligned when we share the same dreams. By setting the table for the experience of sharing a story, you have aligned our hearts."

- Blair Randall, Executive Director Emeritus of Garden for the Environment

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