In addition to our live storytelling gatherings, we're bringing some of our favorite written stories, books, articles, literature, memoirs, etc. from the heart of the food movement to share with our RFRS community. We will discuss reading materials, curated by our storytellers, to deepen our knowledge of the changes we can create within our food system. 

This is also an opportunity to stay connected with the incredible RFRS community and the new friend you met at the last RFRS gathering! 

RFRS Book Club #4: We the Eaters, If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World


Join us for the fourth installment of the RFRS Book Club!

For our next book club meeting, we're reading and discussing We the Eaters, If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World, by Ellen Gustafson, a young entrepreneur, foreign policy expert, and food policy advocate. 

The implausible truth: Over one billion people in the world are hungry and over one billion are overweight. Far from complete opposites, hunger and obesity are in fact different manifestations of the same problem: It's increasingly difficult to find and eat nutritious food. By examining the global industrial food system using the deceptively simple template of a classic American dinner, We the Eaters not only outlines the root causes for this bizarre and troubling dichotomy, but also provides a blueprint of actionable solutions--solutions that could start with changing out just a single item on your plate.

We look forward to an engaging discussion about ways we can bring awareness to the choices we make around the food we eat and how can participate in our local food movement.

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Our discussions are based on the chosen book, but ranges widely over issues related to farming, food, and sustainability. We recommend you read the listed book ahead of time to fully enjoy the discussion. However, if you didn't have a chance to read the book, we'd still love for you to join us for the lively discussion and community gathering -- all are welcome!


Are there books you would like to share with our community? Bring them along and say a few words!


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