We the Eaters: Standing for a Regenerative, Just and Connected Food System

Join Real Food Real Stories in revealing our interdependence and strengthening the deep human connection that unites us all through food.

WATCH to learn how we stand for deep listening, community, inclusivity and safe spaces to show up as our whole, authentic selves. This community, this food system needs your participation.

2nd Annual RFRS Recipe Booklet as a THANK YOU gift for donation of $25 or more!

2nd Annual RFRS Recipe Booklet as a THANK YOU gift for donation of $25 or more!

We believe that being connected to where our food comes from, who is making it, and why someone dedicates their life to this work is a path toward trust, transparency and a healthy future. Farmers, fishermen and fisherwomen, seed savers, and food producers literally keep us alive by feeding us multiple times a day, yet how many do we know personally? Where did they grow up? What do they care about? Is it the same as what you and I care about? What sacrifices have they made? What future are they fighting for?

When we listen to their stories, we can expand our own views, break down assumptions, and see ourselves as part of a deeply interconnected food web. RFRS is making available the types of spaces and places where people can safely be themselves, listen to one another, and connect around one thing we all share: food -- how it affects us, how it affects our planet, and what’s most important for our future. Imagine a society where this was how we all came together on a daily basis....

There are so many more stories to be told -- will you join us?

Launching on #GivingTuesday 2016, RFRS' is calling our community to another year of authentic, intimate, powerful storytelling focused on the ways we are all connected through food.

You can help us find, coach and make available the inspiring stories from farmers, fishermen, activists, seedsavers, chefs and other food & agriculture stewards to weave a web of connection, inclusion, listening and understanding. Join our campaign.

We've just completed our first year as a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status through Earth Island InstituteThrough the support of individual donors and attendees, we have identified and coached 19 incredible changemakers in food using the power of storytelling and curated immersive experiences for over 700 attendees to connect with the inspiring people and narratives behind our food.

Why support us, you might ask? 

We produce monthly programming to bring you closer together with the people and stories behind your food. Our core programs are live storytelling gatherings where we get to know someone in the local community who is fighting to ensure we have access to the highest integrity food and nutrition that's beneficial to the health of people and planet. And we want to do far more.

Our small team of 3 part-time staff and volunteers works hard behind the scenes to find our next storytellers, create short films, design content & programming, and engage our community around food issues on a deeper level. We keep event ticket prices as low as possible to be as inclusive as possible while only covering the direct costs of the event - a meal, live music, photography/videography, and other event programming. As a small and young non-profit, we rely on individual donors and sponsors to help us do the work that keeps it all going and to take us to the next level.

Please join us in bringing you more stories that reach far and wide in 2017!